Wine Wednesday: Winemaker Profile Lisa Baer, Baer Winery

Wednesday, May 9, 2012 at 2:06pm

Location: Woodinville

How long have you been at this?
12 Years

Who or what inspired you to become a winemaker?
My brother, Lance, got me interested in wine and founded the winery. I worked and learned along with him until he passed away a few years ago. My father Les and I have continued the winery as our labor of love.

If you weren't working with wine what do you think you'd be doing instead?
I would be back at UW working toward a Master’s degree in English and teaching certification.

What current wine trend do you particularly like (or dislike)?
I was surprised to learn how low the local consumption of Washington wines is. People shop farmer’s markets and CSA’s, raise their own chickens and shop butchers sourcing from local farms, but aren’t drinking much local wine. Boo. Wash down your bite of Colin the chicken with some delicious Washington Chardonnay!

What is your go-to wine (varietal, region) - other than Washington, of course!
German Riesling

What’s your favorite wine and food pairing? 
Depends upon day, mood, weather. . . With warm weather approaching that would be Riesling and Thai food. Otherwise, it might be Pinot and Lamb, or anything red and pizza.

What advice can you offer to a first time wine drinker?
Don’t worry about what the tasting notes say or your friends think, just start by deciding if you like a wine or not and go from there. Then you can start to learn what you like, and why you like it.

“I want to own a winery and make wine.” – Any Advice?
Don’t do it. 

If you could make wine with any winemaker in the world, who would it be?
The secret elves that come out at night and make Les Pavots.  (No offense to Peter Michael’s actual, and highly-skilled, winemakers, I just prefer to think it is magically created.)

What do you like to do when you are not making wine?
Cook things to enjoy with wine. 

What charitable organization pulls at your heartstrings?
Evergreen Hospital Foundation

What do you think Washington wines will be known for in 25 years, as compared to now?
World class wines, respected as much or more as California wines currently are among U.S. wines.

Who in the wine industry should we be watching?
Washington wine retailers, post-1183.

Winery pet and name?
Adopted British Shorthair Cat – Gertrude.

Something about your winery that few people know?
How small we are. People call and ask for the shipping department or the accounting department (which happen to both be one person) or they call me to complain about the girl in the tasting room, which was me.

What is the strangest place you’ve served your wine?
Seattle Erotic Art Festival. The Ursa was a big hit with the guy dressed as a priest, and someone offering a suspicious-looking homemade snack mix. 

Describe your wine in 5 words or less.

What do you like most about the Auction of Washington Wines weekend?
It’s so fun to be with all of the other wineries - Eastside and Westside together.

Catch up with Lisa this summer at the Picnic & Barrel Auction (August 16), at the Baer Winemaker Dinner (August 17) and at the 25th Anniversary Wine Gala (August 18)!

Credit: Jamie Peha, TableTalk